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Book + CD, ltd. 250 copies
  "Hazkarà" is an editorial, musical and photographic project by 13 / Silentes. It's a release that collects introspective stories and intimate lyrics by Mirco Salvadori, choosen among previously published and unreleased material that he produced in the recent years. Salvadori is well-known for his work as music journalist, as well as active producer for new sonic experiences as co-owner and art director of the indipendent netlabel Laverna. The writings are accompanied by the presentation of his friend Fabrizio Loschi, an artist from Modena, coupled with the intense pictures by Stefano Gentile and Monica Testa, and the music themes written and performed by Gigi Masin who, in the enclosed "Harzarà" CD, offers 8 new tracks in the unmistakable style of the Venetian ambient master musician, already coupled together with Mirco Salvadori in the "InfanToo" art project... A sound path that starts from ambient atmospheres to gather rhythms and sonorities perfectly lined and interpreted by them, as the images, the intesity of the written matter. Total music beyond each stylistic cataloguing... pure poetry. Once again, therefore, 13 proposes a multimedia container to convey ideas, visions and emotions.