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DVD-r + 2x 8" forex + 6x original 8" photos + inserts, ltd. 30 copies art edition
  To understand the film it is necessary - first and foremost - to pay attention to the title of the film: be careful ... it is called "sniffers of dreams" or, more smartly "Those who smell the dreams." The title - in fact - suggests the exact perspective to enter the film: which is not of the statement or history or even that of the folk tale or documentary. The perspective to enter the film is that of the dreams, the dream-like journey, and the logic is - inevitably - that of the dreams. Which is always logical but doesn't seem to. All the characters, from the protagonist who 'presents' her characters, to the characters themselves, they all 'smell the dreams' and are also dreams that fit together with harsh realities or rational dreams or, eventually, with images of old films that - unintentionally - suggest the routes of those intercommunicating dreams. (Sharon Carolina Moncaleano)