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LP clear vinyl ltd. 300 copies  //  LP black vinyl  //  LP gold vinyl ltd. 106 hand-numbered copies  //  CD  //  Tape ltd. 100 copies
  Five years ago, back in September 2016, Stefano Gentile published a photographic book entitled IL SILENZIO DEI TUOI PASSI (The Silence of Your Steps), which collected a series of 56 pictures, both in b/w and colour, dedicated to the nights in Venice. The book was a journey through the most remote "calli" and "campi" (streets, alleys and squares, as they're called in Venice) in search of the true 'breath' of the city, far away from the hordes of tourists who 'attack' it every day during daylight hours.
On such occasion, renowned musician Gigi Masin composed a 30 minutes epic ambient track entitled VENEZIA 2016 which was the perfect soundtrack to the images included in the book. The track was published on CD and released bounded with the book itself in a limited edition of 480 copies only, and has been unavailable for years now.
In 2021 Gigi Masin returned to that great piece of music and to its timeless sounds. Finally, Silentes can now offer PLAYS VENEZIA, Masin's latest work contanining a re-edited version of that 'pearl', accompanied by two unreleased tracks composed and recorded in the same period.
Once again inspired by the city, Masin created an enduring and wonderful ambient masterpiece, a sort of return to the origins, to his home. Adding to the intrinsic quality of the originals, the tracks were beautifully mastered by Brandenburg Mastering in Amsterdam.
PLAYS VENEZIA is simply an unmissable release and one of Masin's greatest accomplishment in a long carrier that never ceases to amaze us.

LP tracklist: Side A - VENEZIA 2016 (re-edit) 21'06''  //  Side B - ABANDONED VENICE (for Harold Budd) 21'07''

CD tracklist: 1 - VENEZIA 2016 (re-edit) 21'06''  //  2 - ABANDONED VENICE (for Harold Budd) 21'07''  //  3 - OCTOBER IN VENICE 32'10''

Tape tracklist: A1 - VENEZIA 2016 (re-edit) 21'06''  //  A2 . ABANDONED VENICE (for Harold Budd) 21'07''  //  B1. OCTOBER IN VENICE 32'10''

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