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72-page 8" Book + CD, ltd. 300 copies
  "Alfabetiere Majakovskij!" is another piece in the trans-media (and also trans-publishing) project conceived by Arlo Bigazzi and dedicated to the futurist poet. Initially conceived as a musical reading with and for the actress Chiara Cappelli - who edited the translations from Russian - it then became the double album "Majakovskij! Il futuro viene dal vecchio ma ha il respiro di un ragazzo" (Materiali Sonori), which includes a CD with the theatrical sequence in which, among others, musicians such as Blaine L. Reininger, Mirio Cosottini, Mirko Guerrini and Guido Guglielminetti took part, and one with instrumental versions of some of the pieces.

Subsequently, the book "Majakovskij! Cantata per Vladìmir Vladìmirovič" (Editrice Zona) was published, containing the text of the play, short essays on Majakovskij by authors such as Francesco Forlani, Luciano Del Sette, and Mirco Salvadori, two graphic novels drawn by Riccardo Cecchetti and Monica e Zeoli, and five poems that were not included in the play. As other pieces of this ever-changing work, eight videos published on the web and even two t-shirts and six art prints from the graphic novels were made.

With the participation of the photographer Lucia Baldini, the "Alfabetiere Majakovskij!" was created for Silentes, interweaving Bigazzi's original project with the Alfabetieri published by the photographer: real self-produced art creations for her “domestic publishing house”, In Alto Edizioni, artist's books produced in limited editions, numbered and signed.

The characteristic of these original editorial works is that each title is built on the sequence of an alphabet where each letter that composes it, is associated with a word or a short phrase that dialogues with an image that is not immediately clear. In this case, however, with Chiara Cappelli, the characters have been defined and expressed not in the succession of the Cyrillic alphabet but by creating a different sequence, matching the individual letters with whose included in the line of the poem "Ascoltate!". For this volume, the photos were taken using various Samsung smartphone models, using a modified app.

If Lucia Baldini's photographic alphabet is freely constructed on the verses of Majakovskij's poem, the music was created by deconstructing five tracks from the double CD, where - by freely intervening on Bigazzi's music - Flavio Ferri reworked and constructed new and unexpected sound paths. Given the harmony that arose during the creative process, the two went even further, creating "L'Alba del 28 Febbraio" and "Poeti Estinti". As Mirco Salvadori - who contributes to the project with an in-depth prologue - wrote, "the music that emerges is purity that contaminates and seduces at the same time. Musical passages that pass through the trajectories of the dream are impregnated with the substance that supports it and expand to infinity in a listening experience that would aim to be unlimited. They break down the barriers of what has already been heard and immerse themselves in the poetic-dreamlike matter using highly effective electro-acoustic mixtures, succeeding in bringing to life the images and phrases that our gaze tirelessly continues to observe."