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CD, trifold 15x15cm sleeve
  "The Soundtrack of Your Secrets" is the fruit of the collaboration between Andrea Belluci (Red Sector A, Iluiteq) and Matteo Uggeri (Sparkle in Grey, Starlight Assembly).

Born and grown over the past two years, built on Bellucci's piano and Uggeri's sounds and beats, "The Soundtrack of Your Secrets" is a work that penetrates inside the soul of anyone willing to let go. Unreservedly, without any limits. Until we are naked... looking inside ourselves. Deep inside.

"Ten lines to tell what goes on in here. Ten lines to find words for it all: for each of the panorama of shadows and color, for each of the thunderstorms of noise and sound and electric shocks, for this big synthetic house made of major chords, stolen pianos and machines that seem to spit out frequencies on their own and without control... But no, there are four invisible hands bringing reasoning and suggestions behind it. Invisible hands that - above all - bring questions: this work makes you think about what encourages the building of organized sound after two years of a world war fought in millions of solitudes while another world war has already broken out. Sound that rebuilds bridges destroyed by cannon shots, sound that reopens doors kept closed and merges all our different languages in itself." - Marco Pandin