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CD, 6-panel digisleeve, ltd. 300 copies
  "It is with great emotion that I want to tell you about my wonderful collaboration with Martyn Bates, one of the most beautiful voices in the current scene. Speaking of him, Vittore Baroni once wrote: "he could sing the phone book". I agree. And it is a voice that is absolutely functional to the spring atmosphere that I have tried to embed in this album. That early spring that makes the first buds and the still cold morning mists shine together. That "treasure of light" that weighs nothing but will soon turn into summer heat. In this oneiric journey through the rebirth of colours, Martyn and I wanted some lifelong friends with us, all very sensitive artists who easily understood "the light" of this journey and added rays of light to our first nucleus: Gino Ape, Pierangelo Pandiscia and Giovanni Verga, that is the nucleus of Enten Hitti, who "danced" to my music and transformed it into poetry. And then Sean O' Breadin, an ageless bard who knows well the alchemy of the British mists. Alessandro Fogar, who gave us the breezes of the east and the sounds of the scorched lands. Roberto Laneri's breaths, so poignant as to suggest journeys in a marvellous "Prima Materia"; Angelo Contini and Mauro Sambo, who suggested paths carolling like the flight of the first swallows; and then Stefano Scala and Roberto Opalio, who offered the noises of nocturnal lands still missing their rural moons; Riccardo Sinigaglia, who dispensed walks through infinite fields; Alan Davidson who stitched up the dreams of a thousand past springs that rest on the few certainties of the present. And the wonderful Dorothy Moskowitz, who gave us a duet with Martyn to describe the silent shadows of lovers forever. This work of mine is spring, my spring; that of a thousand years ago when I was a boy and could not sleep at the mere idea that summer would come; the present spring of those who have lived a good chunk of existence but are always thrilled by a quiver of leaves." Francesco Paolo Paladino